About Life Bible College

A Brief History of Life Bible College

Life Bible College was founded by the General Overseer of Life International Church (formerly Miracle Life Gospel Church), Rev. Dr. Gordon Kisseih in 1995 in Tema. The college was relocated to Achimota, Accra in 2011 and has had four successive graduation ceremonies since the Achimota branch started. Our past graduates are successfully serving the Lord in various ministries including worship, pastoral and evangelistic.

Missions and Evangelism

All that God requires from us is to go out into the world and win souls for the kingdom (Mt 28:18-20). In view of this there is a strong emphasis on Missions and Evangelism at LBC. In October 2013 a team of Bible students under the leadership of the College’s dean went on a eleven-day missionary trip to Wa, Upper West Region of Ghana to have practical inter-cultural experience in missions and evangelism. The team returned with encouraging testimonies of people who were saved and delivered from demonic control as the team ministered to them. (Visit our photo gallery for graduation, missions and evangelism pictures and also YouTube)

Faculty and Administration

LBC lecturers are academically and professionally qualified with many years of proven ministry experience to offer students excellent theological, biblical, academic and ministry training and also release them into various effective ministries.

Course of Study at LBC

Certificate in Ministry:
Saturday school

• Duration: Two semesters: (Approximately 22 Saturdays): one academic year
• Areas of Study: Theology, Missions and Evangelism, Biblical Studies, Practical Theology and Leadership.
• Class Time: 8am- 3.00pm every Saturday

Certificate in Ministry:
Day School

• Duration: Two semesters: (Approximately 22 Saturdays): one academic year
• Class Time: 9:00am - 2:00pm
• Classes held on: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

The one year Certificate in ministry is also suitable for people who would like to gain just personal knowledge in Theology, Biblical Studies and Leadership and deepen their relationship with God.

Advanced Certificate in Ministry

After the completion of the Certificate in Ministry, Students can complete the above program in one year (for Saturday school) and six months for the week day school.

Admission Requirements

Applicants meeting Life Bible College's admission requirements are considered without regard to race, colour, sex, disability, tribe/ethnic or national origin. Admission is based on the following criteria:

  1. Life Bible College accepts students who are, or have a strong desire to study the word of God.
  2. All candidates must give satisfactory evidence of Christian conversion.
  3. Candidates must be in good health and sound mind.
  4. Must demonstrate high standard of good character.
  5. Must be able to read and write

Spiritual Requirements

LBC is a Christian institution so only those who have seriously dedicated their lives to serving the Lord Jesus Christ need to apply. All candidates must have good recommendations from their references.

Enrollment Procedures

Enrolment of students is done twice a year. Students can either enroll in the first or second semester.

First Semester Enrollment

New students are accepted into the College in November each year. Enrolment procedures begin in July, when each applicant is to fill out an application form and send it to the Registrar of LBC.

Second Semester Enrollment

Students are accepted into the college in April/May. Enrolment procedures begin in January, when each applicant is to fill out an application form and send it to the college. Late enrolments are sometimes considered under special circumstances

Application Forms

Obtainable from Miracle Life Gospel Church, Achimota, behind the New Achimota Bus Terminal or Faith Chapel, Community 5, Tema.
Requests for application forms for admission into the Certificate program should be directed in writing:

The Registrar, LDC
P.O. Box AH 28
Achimota - Ghana, W/A.

Office Contact

0302 948 102
0242 815 048

The Dean: Rev. Dr. Kwasi Boateng
- 0544 712 408

Course Fees

Very moderate: Contact the Dean


Applicants are advised to start processing their applications early in order to avoid delays in admission.
Photocopies of certificates should be attached to the completed application forms.